Pain. It’s a word that carries weight, and it’s something many of us resist, me included. Today, I want to share a personal revelation that shook the foundations of my own healing journey: “It’s okay for me to have pain.”

hip painI’ve been dealing with persistent hip pain for months now. I’ve been working on the pain myself with all my tools, and I also recognize that it’s not the best to be our own healer, so I’ve visited my trusted healers. I’ve also been a regular visitor of the yoga mat. Yet, the pain persisted, a constant companion in my daily existence. Last week, during a sacred meditation, the whispers of the divine brought forth a message that echoed my soul – I had to be okay with the pain, to release judgment, and to allow it to be without the burden of condemnation. Intellectually, I understood this before, but now I was feeling it in the core of my being and it became an entirely different journey.

In that sacred space, I confronted a judgment that lingered in the shadows – the belief that as a healer, it was unacceptable for me to experience pain. How could I guide others on their paths to healing if I couldn’t navigate my own? The epiphany struck me like lightning; it is okay for me to have pain. I am human, just like each of you.

As someone deeply connected to spirituality, I hold the understanding that my true self transcends the confines of this physical body. However, this body is the vessel I currently inhabit, experiencing the tangible realm with all its 3D complexities, including the occasional discomfort. The pivotal moment arrived when I forgave myself, embraced the pain, and allowed it to unfold without the weight of judgment. Remarkably, the pain began to dissipate.

It’s an ongoing exploration, unraveling the layers within, but adopting a perspective that sees pain as an opportunity rather than a sentence has triggered a profound shift. The power it once held over me is diminishing, replaced by a newfound sense of liberation.

So, why share this with you? Because I want you to know, it’s okay for you to have pain too. There’s no judgment here. Each one of us carries our unique burdens, physical or otherwise. If you’re ready to explore this further, I’m here to offer my support on your journey to self-discovery and healing.

Pain is often viewed as an unwelcome intruder, a physical problem that needs to be “fixed”. Our instinctive response is often resistance, a desire to push it away, ignore it, or mask it with temporary solutions. Even when we go down the path of truly trying to get to the root cause and heal it, our judgements and expectations can get in the way. If we can shift and release our expectations, pain can be a powerful teacher. We need to be willing to listen with an open mind and and open heart.

meditationAs I reflected on my own journey, I realized the depth of my resistance to the pain I was experiencing. I had been conditioned to believe that as a healer, I should be immune to such physical challenges. This belief not only created a barrier to my own healing but also cast a shadow on the authenticity of my spiritual journey. The revelation that it’s okay for me to have pain shattered these illusions, opening the floodgates to a more profound understanding of self-compassion.

Embracing pain requires a fundamental shift in perspective. It’s not about glorifying suffering or resigning to a fate of perpetual discomfort. Instead, it’s an invitation to view pain as a messenger, a guide pointing us towards aspects of ourselves that need attention and care. The act of allowing pain to exist without judgment creates a space for healing to unfold naturally.

Forgiveness plays a pivotal role in this process. By forgiving ourselves for the judgments we hold, we release the shackles that bind us to the belief that pain is a reflection of inadequacy. I found that as I forgave myself and allowed the pain to be, it lost its grip on me. It was no longer a formidable adversary but a companion on the journey, offering insights into the intricacies of my physical and spiritual being.

This newfound perspective on pain also brings to light the societal conditioning around the idea of strength. We often equate strength with the ability to endure without flinching, to mask our vulnerabilities, and to soldier on despite the pain. However, true strength lies in vulnerability, in the courage to face our pain head-on, and in the willingness to explore the lessons it holds.

By accepting that it’s okay to have pain, we reclaim our power. We shift from being passive recipients of our circumstances to active participants in our healing journey. The energy once spent resisting and suppressing transforms into a force that propels us forward on the path of self-discovery.

This transformative journey isn’t about dismissing the physical reality of pain; it’s about transcending the mental and emotional burdens we attach to it. It’s about recognizing that while our true essence goes beyond the confines of this temporary vessel, the body we inhabit is an integral part of our earthly experience.

The shift in perspective from viewing pain as a sentence to embracing it as an opportunity is profound. It’s akin to turning the page of a book and discovering a new chapter filled with wisdom and growth. This shift doesn’t invalidate the challenges we face or diminish the validity of our pain; instead, it empowers us to navigate these challenges with grace and resilience.

If you find yourself in the embrace of pain, know that it’s okay. It’s okay to acknowledge it, to feel it, and to explore the lessons it holds. You are not alone on this journey. If you’re ready to delve deeper into this exploration, to unravel the layers within, I extend my hand in support.

May this revelation be a catalyst for your own transformative journey. Embrace the pain, release judgment, and allow the healing to unfold in its own divine timing.

With love and light,


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